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tv   [untitled]    June 18, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> roll call, commissioner adams. >> here. >> brandon. >> here. >> woo ho. >> here. >> approval of minutes for the may 27, 2014 meeting. >> so moved. >> second. >> public comment. none? commissioners comment? all in favor. >> i. >> thank you. item 3, public comment under executive session. no one is here at executive session. >> so moved. >> second. >> all if favor, i. >> i. >> public comment. >> [inaudible] closed session. >> sorry, yeah. she read number three. >> no comment on executive session. >> we did that. >> we okay on that? >> okay, executive session,
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[inaudible] and real property negotiator. >> commission to reconvene in open session. >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor. >> i. >> i move not to disclose anything discussed in closed session. >> second. all in favor. >> i. >> i. >> item 6, pledge of allegiance. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of network. america. and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> please be advised the ringing of any use of cell phones, pagers and similar devices are prohibited at this meeting.
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please re advised the chair may order removal from the meeting room any person with the ringing of any cell phone or any similar sound producing device. please be advised that any member of the public has three minutes to make public comment on each agenda item. >> public comment? >> okay. >> next item. >> item 9a, executive director's report. >> thank you commissioner adams for chairing our meeting today. welcome to the public and to the port staff, we thank you for being here today. i have quite a few numbers of items to report on today, starting with the very first, bads is holding a interesting
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summer camp for three weeks, three one week sessions in the period of june 16, which is next week, through august 8. this summer camp is called a coable sailing summer camp, that will allow disabled sailors and able-bodied sailors to take lessons. the type they're using allows for two students to sit side-by-side and the goal is that the program will combine students with and without disabilities in the manner that will encourage and assist each of them to become independent sailors. it's an amazing idea and we're very proud of both organizations for coming up with such a great program and offering it this summer so week one will start on june 16 and run for the full week. week two will start on june 30 and run through july 4 and week three will start on august 4
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and run through the full week; and the ages are from 7 to 18 years of age. we look forward to reporting back to you on the success of the camp, but we applaud them for their entrepreneurialism. it will take place on mccovey cove. keep an eye out for them. just a secondly i wanted to report that last tuesday on june 3 during the election proposition b passed by a vote of 59%. you may recall this proposition b requires that any changes in height limits on port property need to be approved by the voters of san francisco and that passed as i said by 59%. and from the port's perspective, the voters have spoken and we will adhere to that. wanted to make sure you were aware of that. next is our annual july 4
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festivities, which will include the very, very popular fire works, which is in the waters off of fisherman's wharf. they'll start around 9:00 pm. as part of the 4th of july management, the city will be opening its mersay operations center and the port will be participating in the staffing of that center. we look forward to a happy 4th of july with no labor strikes. excited about that. next is another very fun event, which is a joint venture between the san francisco opera and giants on saturday july 5, as part of the 4th of july weekend. they will be offered a free viewing of [inaudible] which will be transmitted live in hd from the memorial opera house. again, this is free to anybody who would like to come and hang out at the ballpark or in the
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stands or on the lawn, enjoy the amenities is ballpark has to offer and you may do so all for free, but it is a first come, first serve bay sisz, and tickets are available at urge anybody that would like to partake in that event to go online and reserve your spot. next in the front row there and a little bit in the row there we have a group of amazing people that came to the rescue recently of a young man. i'm going to try to tell the story as best i know it. they all lived it so maybe they'll correct me if i go wrong. i'd like to start by introducing susan. christine, isaiah howard, michael ruben. thank you. and i believe michael, did [inaudible] come with you? i don't see him.
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did mr. mcray come? no. on the evening of june 4, susan was beginning her evening commute home. she works here in this building as the department of public relations and she boarded the ferry to oakland at about 5:30. as she was boarding she heard a cry for help. and so she was diligent and she kept listening and she determined that the cry for help was a voice coming from under the pier there at gate e next to sinbad's restaurant. she tried to alert the crew on the ferry, they weren't able to assist so she called on her cell phone back to christine, who is the director of development in the ferry building and alerted them that she was hearing a cry for help
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coming from the water. christine and isaiah, who is participant of the ferry building security director
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obviously you make great detectives and the fact you dropped everything to go see and look hard didn't give up when you didn't see him right away is really meaningful as well. of course, i don't think many of us in this room relish the idea of going into the bay so we're always [inaudible] at the san francisco fire department, jerry chang and michael ruben. so thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts and if i could turn it back to the chair for a moment we'd like to acknowledge you. [applause] >> i want to thank you for your heroism and on behalf of the port of san francisco we have a
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token of our appreciation to thank you for your hard work and due diligence and looking out and we'll start out with susan. come down. we just first want to be for susan, we have christine, isaiah howard, senior; jerry chang and michael ruben. >> so we'll come around and present you with the mrak. plaque. i can't quite see you rene, but i believe she'll take your picture. >> in recognition of your heroic action on june 4 to save a man's life in the city of san francisco. >> they all say the same thing. thank you very much. [applause]
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>> michael, would you take jerry's back with you? unfortunately or fortunately, jerry was not able to join us today.
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[applause] >> thank you very much for this honor. it feels odd to me because i don't feel like i did anything that any human being wouldn't do when they think they hear someone yelling for help . thank you, but i think it's what we should all do. i'm happy the man is alive and that everybody responded and i'm proud and blessed to work with the people that i do. thank you. >> thank you susan. >> and i just wanted to echo that the ferry buildings are a really special community and as susan said, anyone in that division would have realized that we needed to take action and i've worked here for 11 years and there's a rich
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pageant of life and it's just a testimony to a really great group of people who care about this building. i realize you guys deal with lots of contentious situations all the time, but at the heart of it we're san francisco citizens, we're connected in this building and i was just happy that something very positive came about from this so thank you for the recognition, but -- [applause] >> i want to echo off everything we said. i mean, it was basically a team effort and not one person was -- can be honored. i appreciate everyone for following through and working together and, you know, helping out, getting the fire department here fast as we can and everyone keeping their eye on everything. all i can say is everyone was keeping their ears and eyes out and that way things can be resolved a little bit faster because we could have lost a
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life there. that's it. [applause] >> so thank you. thank you so much. it's really great to know that you all are here and paying attention and one of the things i love most about the port is the fact that we don't have to have [inaudible] like most ports and airports do and we do allow people to get up close to the water, and unfortunately sometimes that doesn't go as we planned, but thank you for making sure that when particularly susan didn't get the response you were looking for the firsz try that you just kept trying. we're all the better for it. i have something else to report that occurred after the agenda was made public. as i'm sure you've seen in the media we had a tragedy occur friday in fisherman's wharf. a family was visiting us from utah. they were not staying in san
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francisco, they were staying across the bay. they were walking across the west side of jefferson street. the family has three children and the youngest boy was attracted to a statute that was placed in the doorway in the sidewalk of one of the vendors there on jefferson street and he climbed it and the weight of the body caused it to topple over on top of him. i think the statue weighs about 300 pounds. his sister tried to prevent the accident, but unfortunately she wasn't able to prevent it. the passers buy immediately called 9-1-1 and we got a group of officers dispatched out of central station. one of the first responders was
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officer john [inaudible] and came to the scene immediately and did a heroic effort in obtaining the ability for the paramedics to arrive at the scene, calm down the passers buy and as you can imagine these kind of events cause a lot of spectators. keeping the scene calm is really important. the little boy was dispatched to general hospital. when he arrived he was believed to be in critical but stable condition. sometime in the afternoon, captain david lazar decided he'd visit the family. he went to the hospital, went into the reception area and learned that the family had just left and he quickly went back out to the parking lot and was able to locate the family in the vehicle. he approached the family and introduced himself just to check on the boy and see if
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there was anything he could offer and that's when the family advised him that the little boy had passed of several hours of surgery. as i mentioned the family was staying over in alameda and so captain lazar took it upon himself to arrange that they would be able to stay in san francisco and he was able to get them lodging at the jw marriott in union square and they donated two rooms to the family because one of the senior family members was also flying in. captain lazar also took care of their other needs and they were able to provide meals to the family and any other assistance they needed. the family drove back home to utah on saturday. we haven't had communication with them since, but they have established a website in memory
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of the little boy whose name is casen shelton and they are accepting donations to pay for his funeral and other costs. it's a very, very disturbing turn of events. we in property management try to be very diligent about what is allowable on our sidewalks. most -- it's a very difficult task, is the easiest way to put it, whether on jefferson street or elsewhere. the sidewalk attracts a lot of people in all kind of forms and most of the time that's really really fun. on this particular day it wasn't and so we will continue to be individual lent. individual lent. the mer and we are prevailing upon our merchants to take precautions and to take our rules seriously. we hope that they will. and we are also very grateful to the san francisco police
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department that responded and the paramedics who responded and to the captain who showed incredible humanity to a family in need. i'm pleased to report that today the fisherman's wharf community benefit merchant association donated $500 to the police officers association so they can continue to help families in need and for all of you who are listening and touched by this story, if you get a chance to thank one of your friendly police officers, i'm sure they would commit because as you heard today, our colleagues at police and fire go above and beyond every single day and they don't get knowledge or credit for it. we like to spend a lot of time on mistakes and not so much time on all the good things that happen. and i don't know where this
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family would have been without the police department to help them. and so commissioners, if i could, i'd like to recommend that you adjourn your meeting today in memory of casen shelton and his parents, scott and tony shelton, and his siblings. thank you. >> commissioners. >> public comment. commissioners report. okay, call next item please. >> item 10a request approval of [inaudible] from the james r. herman known as the james r. herman tribute and associated [inaudible] and approval of display of james r. herman cruise terminal at pier 27. >> good afternoon commissioners. my name is [inaudible].
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tonya, i'm with the planning and development division at the port. i'm going to propose the james r. hermantribute. here's a picture to the international long shore and warehouse union, also referred to as the lwu local 34 water front division, along with several other chapters and members have commissioned a piece of art to give to the port as a permanent installation for the new james r. herman [inaudible] 27.
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commissioner james r. herman was an advocate for maritime industries and job creation. he was very active along the water front, working in a variety of warehouses and plants and involved in several bargaining and enforcement activities. he started his career at the age of 17, going out to see as a member of national union of marine cooks and stewards. commissioner her man was appointed by appointed and served as a port commissioner between 1992 and 1998. on the screen is a list of commissioner herman's accomplishments outside of being commissioner. he was honored as laborman of the year. the lwu have formed a james r.
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herman memorial committee to fund raise for this tribute. this committee has [inaudible] non profit status and its members are listed on the screen now for you, which include congresswoman nancy polosi. floating point was selected through this is an art and design collective based in brooklyn, new york. to finalize the tribute design. where will the tribute be? on the first floor of the new cruise terminal, the lobby in the front, which is referred to as lobby east, which is basically the first room closest to the embark dare row
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is where this will be housed. this is an audio and video installation that is integrated with the interior of the first floor lobby. it features an approximately 10 foot high by 15 foot wide wall mounted steel sculpture that represents waves on the bay. placed within this is a touch screen monitor that allows visitors to scroll through images and bigraphical information about commissioner herman. the installation also features a directional sound system that provides highlights from commissioner herman's speeches. when a person is in close proximity, the ambient pattern on the sculpture will respond to their presence, the touch screen will prompt spruers to interact with it and various
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quotes will appear on the sculpture. this is what the tribute will look like when no one's near it and then this is what it will look like when someone comes near it, it will animate. the port that james r. herman and floating point collective have knee gauche yited gift agreement that provides the terms under which the port can accept this unconditional gift. this gift agreement will give the port the following authority -- full ownership of the tribute, and secondly the approval of the content and any content changes. this agreement also contains customary releases and waivers for the committees and artist rights to allow the port unrestricted use for the tribute. in order to accept this there is a process. it has an estimated value of
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250,000. this includes the gift for installation and replacement parts for a 20 year period. this subject to acceptance under the board of supervisors under the city's administrative code. todz i am seeking the commission's acknowledge of this gift and approval of the gift agreement that is attached to the staff report. with the commissions acknowledge of this tribute gift, it can be presented to the board of supervisors. so the next steps are presenting this to the board of supervisors and then the artist, the floating point commitment submits [inaudible] approve this building permit once the city accepts is gift. and assuming and 85 day
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installation and fabrication period, we can have this tribute inside of the cruise terminal by this october. and the audience today is the chair of the james james r. herman memorial committee and shawn farly would like to make some remarks now about james r. herman. >> thank you very much. just one little thing we wanted to add. jimmy was president for local 34 from 1963 to 1977 and then was the international president from 1977 to 1991. just wanted to kind of give you guys a sense of how this committee came together. this committee is a cross section of everybody who's a san francisco citizen and it's
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a cross section of everybody who was supported and mentored and taken care of by jimmy her man. . a man who was amazing. as you look at the people who were on that committee and every one of them when you sit down and have a committee meeting, people talk about jimmy and some people are close to tears when they talk about him and his legacy. we thank the port commission and the staff for the ability to do this tribute. ultimately we came together and we had the assistance of auto desk and i want to make sure that people understand that this tribute would not have been possible without their assistance. they helped us find our artists, they helped us through communicating what our design and wants were directly to the artist and set up all of our initial meetings. we had roughly five different
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artists who came in with a broad base of different projects and we had a very clear mandate that we wanted one to reflect what jimmy was about, his values, his history, his legacy, social justice movement that he participated in and his time here as a port commissioner. all the facets of who he was in his life. with that very, very large grocery list, we also had to take in concept with what pier 27 is, a cutting edge facility, a world class facility. when you walk into the facility, a tribute that is commence rate with that facility and we think we've done that very, very well. i want to give credit to floating point. usually in the lwu and our different committee meetings there's discussion and
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arguments and rarely anything comes out with 100% consensus with virtually no debate. last point, we expected 90 days for the completion of in. during this time we'll be doing additional fund raising to support this project and we thank you for the opportunity and ask for your support in the vote. thank you very much. >> can can i get a motion and a second. >> so moved. >> second. >> public comment?